Interval training at its best with Intervals Pro

HIIT, Tabata, Interval Running, Circuit Training, Yoga, Boxing, and more...


What sets Intervals Pro apart...

Easy Customization

Create a standard interval timer with just a few taps. Or create a custom interval timer that gives you complete control of every interval. Customize the name, duration, alert, and color for each interval in your timer. 


Leave your phone at home

Work out with only your Apple Watch.  Intervals Pro on the watch will track your heart rate, calories, distance, pace, and workout route. Haptic alerts tap your wrist and provide an audio alert to countdown intervals.

Best in Class Apple Health Integration

Intervals Pro saves all your workout data securely to Apple Health. View your past workouts directly in Intervals or in the Apple Activity app.


Hands-Free and Screen-Free Workout

Ask Siri to “Start/Pause/Resume/Cancel workout with Intervals Pro” on iPhone or Apple Watch.

Spoken, audio, and haptic alerts allow you to keep your phone in your pocket.

Remote Apple Watch View on iPhone

Start Intervals Pro on Apple Watch and a real-time view of the watch app will display in the Intervals iPhone app.  How cool is that? 



Easy Customization

Create a simple workout with just a few taps or create a custom workout that gives you complete control of every interval.

Standalone Apple Watch Workouts

Leave your phone at home! Great for runners.

Spoken Interval Prompts

Intervals Pro speaks your interval names so you can leave your iPhone in your pocket. There’s even an option to speak the upcoming interval.

Apple Health

Save workouts, heart rate, calories, distance, pace, and route maps to Apple Health.

Alert Sounds

Pick from a variety of alert sounds for times when you don’t want spoken prompts. Great for meditation and yoga workouts.

Workout History

View past workouts in Intervals or in the Apple Activity app. All workout data is stored securely in Apple Health.

Share Timers with Friends

Easily share a timer you’ve configured with a group of friends. Just tap the share icon on the timer screen.

Remote Apple Watch View

Start a workout on your watch and view it live on your iPhone. Get the best of Intervals on Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time.

Runs with the Screen Locked

Intervals Pro runs in the background so you can leave your phone in your pocket.

Hands-Free Workout with Siri

Use Siri on iPhone or Apple Watch for a hands-free workout. “Start/Pause/Resume/Cancel workout with Intervals Pro”.

Play Music or Podcasts

Use the app of your choice to play music or podcasts during your workout. By default, Intervals Pro will temporarily lower the volume so you can hear Interval prompts.

Save Timers to iCloud

Timers can be automatically saved to iCloud to sync between devices or to restore on a new phone.

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